wisdom    God grants Solomon wisdom tries first case


widow       Widow faces judge in court for unpaid bills.

whales       Whale watching compared to raising children

wantads    At news desk/ what Bibical want ads would have looked like


urgent       Woman tries to urgently protect Jesus from scandals

Tamar         Judah calls press conference to announce birth of twins Perez  and  Zerah


support     Bob has talk with Pastor Tome

skit slides   Aposlte Paul comes to modern day High School Career Day to recruit for new Apostles

servant        Reporter talks to Centurion whose servant was healed

savior          Sam Spade private explains why he is best detective in the land.

readmore     Monologue at prayer telephone hot line

kingdom       Children of King face charges

forty              City planners office

crossing       Joshua / Bunch of Reporters/ Press conference crossing the Jordan River


cheap grace    Roy calls  to order cheap grace from infomercial

chariot       Elijah’s Chariot is in the shop for repairs

castlots       Mathias chosen by lots to replace Judas

captive        New technology captures every thought

bush           Burning Bush /Moses call 911 when bush burns

birthday     Can be changed to graduation day /chief , city, sports, business, national, and international editors of newpaper brainstorm for latest headline