Prayer and Happiness

We often feel happy when something we wished for comes true.
The whole world seem great and we feel good all over.

That something we wished for may have been money, a relationship or a position.
In this vast universe there are so many different things that awaken the joyful nature inside of us.

Being a part of something that is greater than ourselves brings joy and excitement.
It helps us feel value and that we are contributing for the greater good.

If the biggest thing that we can be part of is God, then we must ask
ourselves how we can be connected to Him.

God’s amazing love begins in Him and flows to his children.
The children receive his love and feel great joy.

It seems this all comes natural to children . They feel happiness through some of the most simple things
like playing in a puddle or running through the house.

But as we grow older we want and need to do more with our lives.
Prayer is about asking for the power, wisdom and lively mind to keep going to reach the goals we have set for ourselves.

Prayer is a promise and proclamation to God that we are going in a certain direction, and asking for the power to complete it.

We can be happy to know that when we choose to be, do, or have something a loving God will work through us and for us if we only ask.


Our Attitude Toward Life Determines Life's Attitude Towards Us!


David H Evans

There\’s a well-known quote that goes ‘Our attitude toward life determines life\’s attitude
towards us.’ Attitudes do make a difference. Salesmen using the ideal attitude beat their sales quotas; students using the proper attitudes make A\’s. Suitable attitudes pave the way to a truly happy married life.

Correct attitudes make you powerful in coping with other people to ensure that it is possible to be effective as a leader. Among the very first qualities men and women notice when they meet you is what you attitude is towards whatever you\’re responsible for. If your attitudes are negative, then you might want to undergo an ‘attitude tune-up’.

Fully grasp the importance of attitude.
Your attitude impacts every little thing you do, feel and say. If you wish to turn your attitude about and get into action towards your destiny, you might want to have the ability to resist negative or pessimistic thoughts that creep into your consciousness. surround your self with positive men and women, and maintain in mind your ultimate objective of achieving the, respect, good results and wealth which you deserve.

Opt to remain positive.
Power to choose is God given. You are going to encounter some hurdles and encounter some failures in life; but is really crucial that you simply manage how you respond to whatever takes place, and maintain your positive attitude , whilst working towards your objectives. The bible says ‘I have set before of you blessings and curses, life and death. So choose life’ What will likely be your choice? Program’ your attitude by training your self to remain upbeat. Identify negative attitudes that continually set you back.

Assess your present day attitude and identify aspects of which could be stopping you from becoming prosperous. What are the underlying causes of one\’s negative attitudes? Remind your self that you simply are far better than you believe. Take a walk if you are frustrated. Just look at life as you walk until the disappointment is out of your system.

Determine to live your life with purpose and passion.
Reassess exactly where you wish your life to go and all which you would like to accomplish. Get a clear vision, to ensure that you\’ve got some thing to reach for. When you have got your objectives firmly established, then you\’ll be able to turn your new positive attitudes into action.

Create a method for sustaining the proper attitude. Prepare your self to deal with any difficult scenarios that may well threaten your attitudes and throw you off course. You ought to create some self-motivation tactics like affirmations, visualization, positive talk, enthusiasm and heightened expectations Read books and articles on these subjects and build understanding and abilities to boost your attitude.

Follow the five steps outlined above, and create attitudes which will transform your life and assure that you get the success you deserve

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